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master fiction list

SHINee → 

✫ = personal favorites | * = warnings | # = sequels | ^ = crossovers


the stronghold | choi minho/lee taemin | g | 200 | → complete
minho is taemin’s stronghold, but what happens if taemin doesn’t need him anymore?

because you don't want me | choi minho/lee taemin | g | 150 | → complete
first love is never easy.

sweeter than sugar | choi minho/lee taemin | g | 150 | → complete
anyone can walk in, but taemin still wants a kiss.

don’t let go | choi minho/lee taemin | pg | 200 | → complete
minho should never have let go…

forever in your eyes | choi minho/lee taemin | pg | 486| → complete
taemin can see enough for the both of them.

don’t hate the player, hate the game | kim jonghyun/kim kibum | pg-13 | 234 | → complete
jognhyun always said “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. key feels he has the right to hate both.

no more talking | lee taemin/kim kibum | pg | 100 | → complete
taemin wants to confess but key won’t shut up…

cruel | choi minho/lee taemin | pg | 150 | → complete
taemin is the cruel one, he just doesn’t realize it…

genie for you boy | lee jinki/lee taemin | pg | 200 | → complete
taemin knows onew’s lying and he also knows that onew really likes his shorts.

all in a day’s work | kim jonghyun/lee jinki & choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 734 | → complete
in which onew and jonghyun carry out mission “get taemin laid”.

don’t leave | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 635 | → complete
a random drabble I wrote without knowing exactly who I was writing about until the end.

surprises | lee jinki/lee taemin | pg | 570 | → complete
fail drabble i wrote for onew’s birthday.

puberty | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 643 | → complete
writing response to the prompt “puberty” via the shinee prompt generator.

the definition of perfect | kim jonghyun/kim kibum | pg | 171 | → complete
writing response to the prompt “dictionary definitions” via the shinee prompt generator.

a series of sadness (*cutting) | kim jonghyun/kim kibum | pg-13 | 542 | → discontinued
in which there is a series of drabbles about each shinee member and I get out my inner teenage angst.

sunlight | choi minho/lee taemin | g | 150 | → complete 
minho wishes he could make taemin shine the way the sun does.

from the sidelines | lee taemin/kim kibum & choi minho/lee taemin | g | 200 | → complete
key will never be taemin’s knight and shining armor.

14 moments that define a relationship | lee jinki/lee taemin | pg-13 | 4,198 | → complete
in which there is a lot of ontae and fluff-ish stuff.

bang | choi minho/lee taemin & kim jonghyun/lee taemin | pg-13 | 681 | → complete
and minho really should have known…

marco polo | choi minho/lee taemin | r | 413 | → complete
in which i debauch the innocent purpose of these children’s games and taemin calls out another name besides marco.

cops and robbers | choi minho/lee taemin | r | 592 | → complete
in which i debauch the innocent purpose of these children’s games and minho takes his role in the game a little too seriously.

itunes drabble meme | all | pg-13 | 2,025 | → complete

if there was really nothing better | kim jonghyun/kim kibum | pg | 923 | → complete
i can only miss you secretly in my heart… - the name i loved

addicted | lee taemin/kim kibum | r | 624 | → complete
and taemin had always been a good little catholic boy, saying a prayer before every meal and going to church every sunday morning, bright and early, instead of sleeping in with a killer hangover like everyone else his age...he could afford to be bad, just once, right?

summer skin | kim jonghyun/lee jinki | g | 150 | → complete 
sometimes they liked to pretend they’d run away.

i love you, and you don’t even care | choi minho/kim kibum | pg-13 | 539 | → complete
he’d come back. he always did.

debauchery | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 348 | → complete 
and when taemin loses himself, he looks like pure sin and perfection.

master | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 276 | → complete
“why do I have to call you that?”

please, never change | lee taemin/oc | pg | 930 | → complete
"stay just like this, okay?"


1. virgin (*lesbian!shinee) | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 1,120 | → complete
taeyeon doesn’t like girls, but minjung proves herself an exception.

2. sakura (*lesbian!shinee)| choi minho/lee taemin | pg | 3,320 | → complete
a class trip to japan is the perfect opportunity for minjung to finally confess to taeyeon (now if only she’d stop hanging out with that big breasted girl eunsook).

narcissism (*narcissism) | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 1,794 | → complete
taemin’s a bit obsessed with himself…and minho likes it.

captivate me (*self mutilation) | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 1,635 | → complete
minho has fallen in love with taemin. now the only thing that keeps them apart is death.

ecstasy (*drug use) | lee taemin/kim kibum | pg-13 | 1,534 | → complete
in which taemin submits to peer pressure and becomes a junkie.

when love kicks your ass and gives you a neck brace | choi minho/lee jinki | pg | 1,193 | → complete
in which minho is a douhche and onew fails as per usual.

oh dear, look what you’ve done | choi minho/lee taemin & kim jonghyun/lee taemin/kim kibum | nc-17 | 2,566 | → complete
the saying “when the cat is away, the mice will play” never applied more than when minho was out of town…

when shinee discovers fanart | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 3,338 | → complete
a little hello kitty laptop mishap leads to the near debauching of taemin’s innocence.

ponytail | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 3,284 | → complete
taemin shook his head, ponytail bouncing and minho’s eyes following the seductive movement…

the handstand incident | lee taemin/kim kibum | nc-17 | 5,449 | → complete 
…because you couldn’t really play the role of a mother when you had the inexplicable, burning desire to bend your son over the nearest object and fuck him until he couldn’t walk straight for a week.

talk dirty to me | lee jinki/lee taemin | pg | 1,728 | → complete
onew tries to have a dirty phone conversation with taemin while he’s away in hong kong; things don’t exactly go according to plan.

siren (*character death) | kim jonghyun/lee taemin | pg-13 | 4,721 | → complete 
“you chose me.” taemin whispered back, leaning their foreheads together and shutting his eyes, hand inching up the side of jonghyun’s face to tangle into the short, spiky locks of his hair. he smiled briefly and mysteriously before adding, “and i chose you.”

1. dream team | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 1,831 | → complete
inspired by the “dream friends” episode in which the dream team members and one of their friends team up to compete.

2. dream team | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 2,505 | → complete
inspired by the “dream friends” episode in which the dream team members and one of their friends team up to compete.

your type | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 985 | → complete 
but it was taemin’s fault that he couldn’t get this stupid lucifer dance down anyway; if he would just stop looking so damn beautiful (like,girl beautiful, which was a problem because minho already had enough issues with him being guy beautiful) they wouldn’t have this dilemma.

tattoo | kim jonghyun/lee taemin | nc-17 | 3,066 | → complete
taemin’s a little rebel (which gives jonghyun a cause).

king of anything | choi minho/kim kibum | pg-13 | 1,388 | → complete 
key knew the saying went ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’, but sometimes he couldn’t help but really, really hate the player.

1. you are what i never knew i always wanted (*lesbian!shinee)| lee taemin/kim kibum | pg-13 | 2,144 | → complete
previous pasty, plain taeyeon had blossomed into the type of girl that reminded gwiboon of a rose; so pretty but so untouchable. she’d only be able to get so close before she got pricked by a thorn or two.

2. you are what I never knew I always wanted (*lesbian!shinee) | lee taemin/kim kibum | nc-17 | 3,084 | → complete
previous pasty, plain taeyeon had blossomed into the type of girl that reminded gwiboon of a rose; so pretty but so untouchable. she’d only be able to get so close before she got pricked by a thorn or two.

haunt me, baby | lee jinki/lee taemin | pg-13 | 2,484 | → complete
jinki’s new apartment used to be a whorehouse. Taemin is haunting him. ‘nuff said.

pull me close | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 1,604 | → complete
pool parties, taemin decided, were so overrated.

give in | choi minho/lee taemin | r | 1,289 | → complete
...and ever since season two of dream team had started, deeming minho their 'ace' and a regular, it'd been the best of times and the worst of times.

hands and knees | lee jinki/lee taemin | nc-17 | 3,926 | → complete
written as a replay4japan charity contribution for the prompt “not so cute and cuddly ontae”.

oppa (*cross dressing) | lee taemin/kim kibum | nc-17 | 6,065 | → complete
it was like he’d said exactly what the maknae wanted to hear because immediately the youth was pushing off the thin wall of the dressing room and stepping close to key, close enough that the elder could see just down the collar of his shirt as taemin leaned forward with an adorably devilish grin on his face, and his breath stalled because was that lace peeking out from- “you don’t think it’s cute, oppa?”

gravity | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-13 | 2,936 | → complete 
“minho, we can’t.” his voice shook and he hated himself for being like this because deep down he knew the truth; they could and they had and it had never been just friends with minho.

foreign exchange | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-15 | 4,874 | → complete 
there's something off about this american transfer student named lee taemin, and minho would rather not find out what it is. 

in love, what can you do? | lee taemin/oc | pg-13 | 2,424 | → complete
just a little something I wrote after a math test one day. i didn’t really write this for anybody’s benefit to be honest, it’s just a product of boredom.

rain, espresso, and scrabble | lee jinki/you | pg-13 | 2,116 | → complete
lee jinki was only that one guy at work that you’ve only had a crush on since basically forever.

chips | lee taemin/oc | pg-13 | 3,003 | → complete
“…i don’t know. back her up against a wall and kiss her or something. girls love that shit.”

mr.starbucks | choi minho/you | pg-13 | 4,734 | → complete
you couldn’t put your finger on why, but standing in front of him in line was just so damn satisfying.

rain | lee jinki/you | pg | 3,352 | → complete
you, jinki, hot chocolate, and a lot of insecurity.

what happens in l.a. stays in l.a. | lee taemin/oc | nc-17 | 3,091 | → complete
taemin could have her; he knew it and she obviously did too by the way she walked up to him, the pretty curve of her eyes catching his own before she gently brushed their hands together, the girl breezing right past him as if she didn’t know what she was doing.

shrimp tempura | lee jinki/oc | pg | 3,159 | → complete
she was the star and he was the fan.


it all started with a video → 1, 2, 3, side story | lee jinki/lee taemin & choi minho/lee jinki/lee taemin & choi minho/lee jinki | nc-17 | 7,897 (total) | → complete
changmin leaves a porn video in shinee’s apartment and taemin gets curious.

if only you knew → prologue, 1, 2, 3 | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 6,6272 (total) | → discontinued
looking back on how it all started, he should have known. minho was something else, something fiercely possessive and driven and he’d do anything, anything, to keep taemin for himself…

lost with you → 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | choi minho/lee taemin | nc-17 | 15,618 (total) | → discontinued 
taemin lee has the unfortunate luck of falling through a mirror that holds not only his reflection, but a whole other world where friends could be the enemy, and the enemy could be anyone.

the games we play (the mistakes we make) (*crude language) → 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 | choi minho/lee taemin & kim jonghyun/lee taemin & jung jinwoon/lee taemin (^crossover) | nc-17 | 25561 (total) | → discontinued
in his mind he knew he was falling right into the trap the delicate looking boy had set for him but that wasn’t important. whether or not he had been spun into taemin’s little web of secrets didn’t matter. what mattered was beating him at his own game.

electric heart → 1, 2 | lee jinki/lee taemin | nc-17 | 5,380 (total) | → discontinued
yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking: a sex robot.

this love will be your downfall (*incest) → 1, 2, 3, 4 | choi minho/lee taemin | pg-15 | 9,684 (total) | → complete
minho never thought he could feel this way about his own brother.

the taemin/you series → 1, 2 (*cross dressing & public situations), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | lee taemin/you | multiple ratings | 36,259 (total) | → complete
a series of oneshots and short chaptered segments about you and taemin. 

what are the odds? → 1, 2, 3 | lee taemin/oc | pg-13 | 7,507 (total) | → discontinued
because really, what are the odds of bumping into that one famous guy you’ve been in love with ever since high school on the street just because you happen to be in the same city at the same time? zero, zip, nada, none. or at least that’s what jasmine patrone thought.

Other → 


office hours [kat-tun] | akanishi jin/kamenashi kazuya | nc-17 | 1,458 | → complete
office porn.

office hours [kat-tun] (*bondage & blindfolds) | akanishi jin/kamenashi kazuya | nc-17 | 1,798 | → complete
office porn.

only you [dbsk] | jung yunho/kim jaejoong | nc-17 | 3,282 | → complete
it's yunho's wedding day, but the only thing he wants is jaejoong.

play fair [no.6] | sion (shion)/nezumi | pg-13 | 1,699 | → complete
and then sion had the dark haired boy right where he wanted him. or so he’d thought. 

sensei [no.6] | sion (shion)/nezumi | pg | 1,507 | → complete
sion felt his jaw just about hit the floor when the stranger revved the engine with hands covered in fingerless black gloves, swiftly deploying the silver kickstand with a move so graceful the white haired boy’s heart skipped a beat (maybe two)– it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

sandman [code geass] | lelouch/suzaku | nc-17 | 3,683 | → complete
there were certainly more...pressing matters at hand when it came to being a young male (no pun intended). 

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